Weapons training

Most Chinese styles and to use the huge arsenal of weapons training in the Chinese state of the body, as well as the coordination of strategies and exercises. [53] weapons training (qìxiè器械) are often conducted after the student is competent in databases, forms and requirements for training. The basic theory of weapons training is to examine the weapons as an extension of the body. The same request to his legs and body coordination is required [54] In the process of forming the weapons continue forms, forms with partners and applications. Most of the system of training methods for each of the Eighteen weapons Wushu (shíbābānbīngqì十八般兵器) In addition to specialized tools, especially for power
The weapons used in kung fu masters are to fight at a distance, as well as from the immediate vicinity. Eighteen weapons term used to describe the Kung-Fu weapons. Sword, spear, sword, halberd, AX, battle-axes, hooks, fork, Whip, club, a hammer-stub, Trident partisan club, has long been at the spear, a short club, "Meteor" sticks and hammers are the eighteen weapons. Some of these weapons are obvious, while others disappear.
Some of them can be used with soft styles, while others may be used in rigid styles. The use of weapons of eighteen Kung-Fu more. Cudgels, swords, swords, spears, are the main weapon
Cudgels, often made of wood or metal, are known as the father of all kung fu weapons. This weapon is simple, but is deadly when they are being used properly. The sword is the most important weapon in the rigorous training. When pressed, body piercing, and notes, lifting, jumping, jumping, hanging, cutting, floats, poking, sweeping, wrestling, blocking and cleaning, such as the Kung-Fu masters of education.
A good swordsman obligation not only to technology, but he lives in his body movements. Saber, marshal all the weapons, so large curved sword.
Saber, users must practice a continuous and rigorous training, stability and Saber and the body is important. Saber users should the sword of his body. Saber is useful not only in attack but also in defense. Lance is a major military weapons from ancient times, because it can be used in close than the distance fights.
The test should be alive, flexible, fast and stable. But the latest weapons of Kung-Fu is the master of his mind. Kung Fu Master must remain calm and their ability to use properly. The nature plays an important role in this scenario.
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