Qi Energy

Flow Motion and Tai Chi
The main problem with chikung is to find a teacher who really knows how to develop internal chi power in students
Unlike yoga, Chi Kung put less emphasis on stretching movements and Pos, as well as to know how you feel and move energy inside the body. Some of the basic Chi Kung exercises are always associated with any minutes to several hours at the time of detection of movement of energy in the body.
Ancient Chinese system for the development of domestic energy, or Chi Kung Gunga Qi (pronounced "Chee Goong"), a tai-chi on the basis of religion, Taoism, which was extended to Eastern medicine.
Other exercises include Chi Kung soft, rhythmic rocking or tension movements and create savings, rather than burn calories. Chi Kung practitioner seeks to avoid stress on joints and muscles, and sends his conscience inside the body and focus on building China called "external" because of the compact A well-developed muscles. As a result of chi, where the practice is developing a huge inner strength in the soft, flexible and relaxed body.
An experienced artist can use the therapy not only for healing, but also as a preventive. Chi Kung is one of the most effective of all Oriental methods in the fight against stress, but also very popular as a means of strengthening and engage in sexual capability.
Taoist "secrets" about keeping the sexual energy is currently receiving attention as an important part of the opposition to the aging process.
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