Kung Fu Panda

During a few days enjoying the movie Kung Fu Panda, is considered the ideal combination of the two most famous Chinese elements - and Kung Fu Panda. More than just a box-office hit in China, the Hollywood animated comedy "Kung Fu Panda" has led to the Chinese artists to find fault with their own film industry and require more freedom in the field of culture and creativity.
The film about Hollywood, which in mysterious China, was conducted mostly non-Asian creative team.

But what happens as a tribute to Chinese Kung Fu and profound culture in the country. In the film, which tells the story of Fat Panda, who dreams of a glorious martial arts, has been faithful to Chinese culture and laced with good humor, but that China could produce such a film, Chinese opera director and director of regret.

Set in the mythical world of ancient China, the history of SP - hardly a hero - imposes harsh world of Kung Fu and turning back. Po, eventually becoming a hero by learning that if believe in yourself to do nothing. It said the director would be his own hero, which means not look outside ourselves for the answer.

Do not wait for someone else to do things correctly. You have the right to make sure that you want as long as you set it to the attention. Be the best you can be. The Director applauded the "Kung Fu Panda», as fresh and rich take on Chinese culture, mixing references to martial arts movies with classical legends.
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