Kung Fu Movies

Kung-fu is a general term. What, including various industrial sectors, such as Taiji Quan,
Yongchun quantity, and so on
It is too late 1920, when the first sound film was made, where Fu plays an increasingly important role in various types of films. Chinese kung fu movie stars first, Li Xiaolong (Bruce Lee), which is very popular in Asia and the United States. But unfortunately, was shot in the 33rd age, he was sure to become the most important people in the story of Chinese kung fu
Then, after the world today is famous star Fu Cheng Long (Jackie Chan). In my opinion, is more effective than Chen Li Xiaolong care of them, not only in his movie career, but noted that serious problems. Any activity carried out, is not so much to help people in the fight against poverty and ill health. However, there are two most famous Chinese Kung-fu on the screen active star Lianjie Li-Zhou Xingchi in Beijing and Hong Kong. Zhou, and the latest film to welcome the new year Kung-fu action is really beautiful. You only see people in movies: all are bitter laughter in the movie! Kung-Fu is now on display throughout China. Why not go and have fun for both film and large Chinese Kung-fu!
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