street fighting kung fu

street fighting kung fu:the modern style of fighting in kung fu
it is aim on HOW to Fight WITHOUT standings or certain Stances
OR how to Fight Ordinary enemies who donot know martial arts Teqniques
it is consist of fast defense or attack movements to Win the battle with less lose and good gain
it's simple Teqniques but very Important to know and to learn to make defense against street fights.
The most important things you can do on the road, the struggle to remain calm. Probably seems obvious, but is actually more parts. People, of course, chaotic situation where their lives are at serious risk or threat.
The only way that will be used for this, I can say from personal experience that the train - the box - with your friends as possible. You hit a set of safety gloves and helmet.
When it comes to actual one-on-one confrontation, it will not be so afraid of being hurt or feeling that your nervous stomach acid, for example, simply that the race with other unknown persons skills and background. Usually, the most rewarded in a race aggression. This is because most people do not have training in street fighting or martial arts, sports. So do not understand how to adequately block, Bob, or weaving. It is obvious that the only problem is that
when someone in power on the road, the fight probably will do the same for you
It is better to try to beat them or punch KLA will be difficult not to exceed haymakers and disrupt their attacks
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